How To Plan the Perfect Ice Cream Social, on a Boat!

How To Plan the Perfect Ice Cream Social, on a Boat!
How To Plan the Perfect Ice Cream Social, on a Boat!

How To Plan the Perfect Ice Cream Social, on a Boat!

Are you an ice cream aficionado with a passion for boating? (Well, really aren’t we all?) An ice cream social out on the water is the perfect family boat rental adventure. Need some great ideas to make it happen? Don’t worry we’ve got all the icy, creamy and boating ideas you need to have an ice cream social on a boat!

Plan an Unforgettable Ice Cream Social For Your Family Boat Rental!

  • Keep things cold. – It might go without saying that ice cream melts easily. When your family boat rental kicks off, chances it will be especially hot outside. Having a cooler just for your ice cream that doesn’t get opened and closed will help keep your ice cream from melting before it’s enjoyed. In extra steamy weather, you might consider an extra cooler full of ice just in case backup is needed.

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  • Get creative with the ice cream. – Ice cream is all the rage right now and this summer the new ice cream flavors churned out by our favorite brands and new boutique creameries are truly mouth-watering. Be adventurous on your boating adventure, try some new exciting ice cream flavors.
  • Don’t forget the accoutrements. – An ice cream social just isn’t social without the toppings. Get creative with berries, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, chopped nuts and, whatever you do, don’t forget the sprinkles. With a bit of pre-planning the bow of your family boat rental can easily double as a sundae bar!
  • Wash it all down. – Ice cream and boating can make you thirsty. Be sure to bring extra drinks to wash down the sugary snacks while out on your family boat rental. Extra clean up supplies will also be key to a successful (and tidy) ice cream social boating adventure out on the water.
  • Instagram this moment. – Your family boat rental has serious potential-to-trend when it involves ice cream! Don’t forget to snap pictures of your little ones (and big ones acting like little ones) to these preserve lasting memories for years to come.

Your family boat rental will be unique and memorable no matter what you plan, but with an ice cream social onboard, it’s guaranteed to be amazing. Private boat rentals are at your fingertips with the #1 boat rental community, Boatsetter. Yachts, sailboats, pontoons, fishing charters and cruisers are available for quick half day boat rentals, full day charters or extended boat rentals. Boatsetter has the largest network of Coast Guard-licensed captains, so no boating experience is needed.

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