Five Reasons Smart Owners Share their Boats

Five Reasons Smart Owners Share their Boats
Five Reasons Smart Owners Share their Boats

Five Reasons Smart Owners Share their Boats

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Boat Sharing Lets Owners Offset their Boating Expenses without the Worry

While the boating lifestyle appeals to many people, reality often rears its ugly head when they tally up the costs associated with actually owning a boat. Likewise, there are many boat owners who enjoy their boats but just aren’t able to devote as much time to boating as they would like. If the second scenario sounds like you, why not consider the option of boat sharing? This is where comes into the picture.

Five Smart Reasons to Share Your Boat

Offset Boat Ownership Expenses
Let’s face it, owning a boat means shelling out cash even when you’re not actually out on the water. Even then, there’s that pesky issue of filling up the tank. Boats don’t run on air. Well, unless it’s a sailboat. Sailboats do run on air. However, by listing your boat with, you can earn extra income to offset yearly maintenance, storage and slip fees, insurance, and other costs associated with boat ownership.

The Boat gets used
What happens if you’re only able to use your boat a couple of times a year? Besides the lack of relaxation you might feel, the boat fares much worse. It most likely sits in a marina, dry dock, or boat yard where it is subject to barnacles, hull damage, fiberglass blistering, and other effects of weathering. By sharing, the boat gets used more often making it less susceptible to accidents, weathering, and other environmental factors.

Insured and risk free
You’re probably thinking “Yeah, this sounds great and all but what about my baby?” And by “baby,” we know you mean your boat. There’s no need to worry. Potential boat renters are pre-screened and you are able to accept or reject any potential renter. TowBoat US and BoatTow provide on-water support for any problems that may occur.

Complete control and flexibility
As the boat owner, you retain complete control to set the rental price and availability as well as choose who can rent your boat. The only negative factor might be determining a time when it’s not being rented so that you can use it yourself.

Try out other boats
Are you a die-hard motor boater who has always had a secret desire to sail? How about a pontoon owner with the need for the speed of a bowrider? Once you list your boat with, it’s the perfect opportunity to become a renter yourself and try out different styles of boats. With everything from bass boats and kayaks, to luxury yachts, cuddy cabins, and catamarans, the possibilities are endless.

Why wait? Sign up now to get your boat out of the marina and into the open water. You can trust to connect with renters who share your love of boats, water, and the boating lifestyle.

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