Boatsetter in the News

Boatsetter in the News
Boatsetter in the News

Boatsetter in the News

The merger of Boatsetter and Cruzin this past September took the boat sharing world as well as the whole boating industry by storm. When these two leaders joined, they created a clear pathway to lead this young category and take boat sharing to the next level.

The merger has been a huge success so far and the press has taken notice. Check out the buzz about Boatsetter:press

Boatsetter Milestone News

Unlike fractional ownership or charter fleets, boat-sharing vessels are privately owned and maintained. Boats that might otherwise rarely leave the dock are now being put to use on For a marina, this increase in activity translates to income.

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Boatsetter Cruzin Merge News

Two firms in the nascent but bitterly competitive yacht-sharing industry have merged, saying the strategic partnership positions them “to be the market leader” in that growing niche.

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Boatsetter in Miami Hearald

Together, the company offers a network of more than 3,000 boats, which people can rent from private boat owners through an app or website by the half-day, day or longer. Boatsetter differentiated itself from other boat-sharing companies by offering a network of more than 1,200 U.S. Coast Guard certified captains…

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